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Planting Seeds of Gender and Sex Truth

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By @TGaileen of @TGfact  |  Date: 05/02/2016

Much of the world's population is indeed uneducated about people who are gender & sex variant (gender nonbinary, transgender, & intersex), and are seemingly resistant to education, especially when gender & sex variant people themselves attempts to be the educator. Something we have to remember, is that people generally don't know when, and why certain bits of information are credible, and are ignorant of what tangible evidence actually looks like, and that tangible evidence is the only credible way to prove a point, this is why people can generally be so defensive a lot of the time, but make no mistake about it, facts are only proven with tangible evidence, and you will find examples of tangible evidence below.

(If interested, read our article titled 'Is Being Transgender a Mental Disorder?' for even more insight into the gender & sex variant population!)

Scientific brain mapping proves being transgender is naturally occurring, and that chromosomes do not determine gender, which means that some people are indeed naturally transgender, and that being transgender has nothing to do with mental illness, but instead it has to do with our natural brain anatomy. The DSM-5 proves that being transgender isn't a mental illness. Read about brain mapping transgender people here, and read about the DSM-5 here.

Contrary to popular opinion, gender isn't binary (relating to, composed of, or involving two things), neuroscience proves that gender exists on a spectrum (used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points), meaning gender isn't as simple, or clear cut as people traditionally believed. This also proves that gender nonbinary folks are as well valid. Read about the neuroscience behind the gender spectrum here, and read about people who are gender nonbinary here.

Biology proves that being intersex (intersex is the current politically correct term formerly known as 'hermaphrodite') is indeed naturally occurring, as people everyday are born with chromosome combinations that are not XX, or XY, or reproductive organs that are traditionally thought to coincide with XX, or XY chromosomes, but don't, and also some intersex people are born with hybrid reproductive organs that aren't considered to be penis, or vagina. This proves that chromosomes don't define a person's gender or sex, and neither do reproductive organs, because sometimes people are born with XX chromosomes, yet they have a penis, and sometimes people are born with a vagina, yet they have XY chromosomes. There are many other variations and combinations to learn about elsewhere. Some call this a-typical, anomaly, or a mutation, but this has been occurring since the beginning of time in humans, plants & animals, and has been documented since the creation of technology to examine such things. 1 out of 100 births result with a person who's body differs from standard male or female bodies. Mutations are also naturally occurring let's not forget, each of us have examples of mutations, take our tail bone for example, that doesn't exist simply for decoration, and neither does the appendix, which no longer serves a purpose. It's called evolution, & mother nature, mutation is natural, all people are mutated in some way. This small paragraph is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information about people who are intersex, read more about the biology & statistics of people who are intersex here.

Gender & sex variant people, animals, as well as sex variant (intersex) plants have existed since the beginning of time, this is nothing new, people haven't been open about themselves, and being gender & sex variant until more recently, due to mass ridicule for simply being born a certain way. We do not ask to be born, our parents decide to have sex, and bring us here. We aren't here by choice, it isn't anyone's fault that we are the way we are, facts prove this, so there isn't any good reason to condemn us, except sheer ignorance.

The terms 'evidence', 'proof'', 'fact', and others are defined on this page, just in case there is any confusion.

Why is it that only in this day & age that gender & sex variant people are being declassified as 'mentally ill'?

Up until only a few years ago, nobody conducted any viable studies about gender & sex variant folks, due to the fact that during these time periods, we were largely misunderstood, and just assumed to be mentally ill by very popular uneducated assumptions based from nothing but speculation.

What is an uneducated opinion?

An uneducated opinion is an opinion based from no factual research.

There are a great many people in the world that are against people who are gender & sex variant, who haven't taken the time to read new research. Their understanding about gender & sex variant people is either based from lack of research, or based from being familiar with only outdated beliefs which are not based from any viable studies, or scientific research.

Some use religion as a tool to prove that being gender & sex variant 'isn't a thing', or that being gender & sex variant is a 'mental illness', or that being gender & sex variant is 'immoral'. Religion doesn't prove anything, religion is faith based, not fact based, there is a difference contrary to popular opinion. Some people have very strong convictions to their faith, and they confuse that with being factual, which is inaccurate, there isn't any tangible evidence to prove that a 'supreme being' communicated with a 'prophet' to then pen religious text. In other words, there is no proof that any religious texts are the words of a 'supreme being', therefore any claims against those who are gender & sex variant are null & void (among many other religious claims). Religion is the cause as to why most people are unfamiliar, and resistant to tangible scientific evidence, in other words, making claims about the physical world around you according to religious text is based from no actual tangible evidence, therefore making it null & void factually.

Statistics about gender & sex variant murders & suicides should be included in this article, but unfortunately I don't have that information prepared at this time, that will be in a different article coming up <3

If interested, read our article titled 'Is Being Transgender a Mental Disorder?' for even more insight into the gender & sex variant population!

To conclude this article, I want to reiterate something I say quite often, and that is that everyone is entitled to an opinion, that doesn't make said opinion a factual opinion. Rise above the ignorance, the choice to be ignorant is yours, and yours alone, because the information is at your finger tips!

Thank you for reading, and for being open to education!

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