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Rapists: Cisgender vs Transgender - is it fair to compare?

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By @TGaileen of @TGfact  |  Date: 09/04/2016

Click Here to read our article "Planting Seeds of Gender & Sex Truth", which provides tangible evidence based facts, with sources cited proving that being gender & sex variant (transgender, intersex, gender-nonconforming, etc) is indeed scientifically & biologically factual.

This was going to be a multi-part tweet, but I decided to write an article instead.

Cisgender oppressors always make reference to the percentage of transgender people, compared to the percentage of cisgender people, and accuse those who are transgender of being nothing but rapists & perverts... I wonder, how many catholic priests there are in total, compared to the rest of the United States? Should we just assume all catholic priests are rapists? If those who are transgender only make up 0.6% (source: NY Times) of the United States population, that means cisgender people make up 99.4% of the United States population, I wonder what the population of cisgender rapists are, if we were to do a study? Now let's take that number of cisgender rapists (a percentage) and compare it with the entire population of transgender people. How much do you want to bet there are more cisgender rapists in total, than the entire transgender population in total? I bet you anything that number is astronomically higher than the population of people who are transgender... Now let me ask you, since there is such a high number of cisgender rapists, should we assume that all people who are cisgender are rapists & perverts?

I'm not going to do the math, I'm not even going to do the research, to try and prove this, want to know why? It's pointless, irresponsible, and bigoted to sling mud, & generalize an entire population of people based on what a fraction of that population may, or may not have done wrong. I won't sink to the level that my cisgender oppressors have.

My question to you is, if those who are cisgender are no better than those who are transgender, in terms of rape, than how can anyone generalize and demonize those who are transgender, & deem us all rapists & perverts, when clearly this, and many other problems in the world practically in whole are the creation of the cisgender population? Seems a little like scapegoating to me. Don't try and put the heat on us (the transgender population) to take the heat off of yourself, as Pastor Kenneth Adkins so clearly has tried doing, you can read about it in this article from Planet Transgender.

Thank you for reading, and I do hope you have a wonderful rest of your life! May peace be with you.

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