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Last update to this page: April 18th, 2016 - 7:30 PM Pacific Time

A huge part of our project involves utilizing Twitter to reach out to the Transgender community all over the world! Our only real limitation is time, and language barriers, at this time we can only help people who speak English, but we are reaching out and looking for people to help out who speak other languages! We utilize state of the art Social Media Marketing tools & techniques to reach out to people, & offer positive affirmations, and kind words to people in need, and we also reach out to people in need of education about Transgender issues.

We watch Hashtags and monitor what is happening in the community, we currently monitor the following Hashtags:

#TransLivesMatter, #ProtectTransLives, #TGfact, #TransInquiry, #TransHealth, #Trans, #Transgender, #TransIsBeautiful, #TransNeeds, #TransIssues, #TransAwarenessMonth, #TDoR, #TransTruth, #TransAwareness, & #TransVisibility.

All hashtag links are filtered exactly the same way we filter our hashtags, to exclude as much pornography, and offensive material as possible.

Do you have hashtag suggestions? You can Tweet them directly to us, or you can Tweet them to us WITH the hashtag #TGfact

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